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Naritas offers a unique business proposition, bringing together public sector procurement expertise with practical experience of developing winning tenders for suppliers. The synergy of these allows public sector organisations to understand how their tender documents will be seen by bidders, to enhance the quality of documentation in line with procurement legislation and to read between the lines of tender responses. At the same time, our bidding consultancy will allow suppliers to understand how their submissions will be seen by the evaluation teams and to optimise these to produce winning solutions.

Most public sector organisations have existing procurement expertise, with deep knowledge of the organisation and the goods or services being procured. However, there is often a need to supplement this expertise, to handle workloads on major tenders, to bring in specific skills or to offer a fresh perspective.

Naritas provides complementary flexible support to ensure procurement projects are delivered on time and to the quality you expect.

When developing tender documents, documentation usually undergoes a series of internal reviews to check it meets the business needs. It may be seen by business stakeholders, finance experts, service managers and legal experts. The one group of stakeholders who are rarely considered is the bidders.


This unique service reviews your tender documentation through a bidder's eyes, to identify areas which could be clarified or explained better.

Bidding into the Public Sector is a skill unlike private sector tenders. In the public sector, the rules require considerable transparency on what is expected in the response and how it will be evaluated, and as a result it is necessary to understand exactly what is being sought and how best to present your solution to achieve maximum marks.


From establishing the bid strategy through to submitting your tender, we can support you at every step of your winning bid.

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It is always frustrating after spending considerable time, effort and money on a bid to be told that you were unsuccessful. It is even worse if you feel that you were unsuccessful due to the bid not being evaluated fairly.

Legally challenging a bid decision can be a considerable cost. Before contemplating this step, we can conduct a review of the outcome, advise you on your options and write to the authority on your behalf.

There is often a gap between having the best solution and convincing the customer of this. Many excellent solutions from suppliers do not win simply because the bid does not answer the precise question asked.

We can run a review service either alongside the writing process to steer content creation and/or at the end of process (often called a Red Team) to improve the quality of the final submission.

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