Public Sector Procurement support

In the current economic climate, with pressures on budgets and the need to squeeze the maximum value out of every pound spent, procurement is rapidly becoming a key skill for public sector organisations. We understand that from time to time there will be a need to supplement existing skillsets with additional flexible resource, either on a short term basis to cover temporary workloads or to bring in specialists for short periods.

Naritas can provide for all of your resource needs, from a single specialist through to a team. We have expertise at all stages of the procurement process, from advising on the overall procurement strategy (such as a project we completed for a local authority on how to undertake flexible Cloud procurement) through supporting on development of specifications and tender documents, reviewing these both for compliance with procurement regulations and for how they will be viewed by bidders, through to bid evaluation.

With our deep experience on the supplier side of tenders, we know many of the tricks used by bidders, from asking clarifications in particular ways to sway the evaluation in their favour through to ambiguous responses to questions to give the impression of compliance whilst not committing to delivering the desired solutions. We can see bids not simply through the eyes of the evaluators but also through the eyes of the suppliers, to identify where you need to exercise caution or see clarification on ambiguity.

We can bring together a flexible bespoke team to complement your existing skills, to strengthen your procurement capability and to share our knowledge with your teams to reduce reliance on external support going forward.