Public Sector Bidding

Many suppliers will be used to submitting tenders into the private sector, where there is often considerable freedom on liaising with the customer, how to submit bids and the way they are assessed. In the public sector, procurement rules require particular ways of interacting between suppliers and public sector bodies, transparency in information sharing and evaluation according to strict published marking schemes.

As a result of this, many of the skills learnt in commercial tendering do not translate to the public sector, and it is necessary to engage external expertise to ensure that your bid is the winning submission. Naritas can provide flexible support throughout the process, from initial bid strategies through to final submissions. Through our extensive experience in writing winning bids, and our unique knowledge of the way they are evaluated by public sector clients, we can help steer your solution appropriately to maximise the use of your technical skills and present this in the way that will win the bid for you.

Our core services start with bid strategy development, qualifying whether you should bid an opportunity - can you win it and if you do win it, can you deliver it? Following this, we can help you review your positioning against the competition, running workshops to identify what features your organisation can bring that are better than the competition and how best to bring this out in your responses and, just as importantly, what features your competition will be trying to push and how you can mitigate against these. We can work with you on bid team development, and storyboard answers to key questions. We can coordinate content from different authors, reviewing each piece of draft text to identify whether it answers the question, how it scores against the evaluation criteria and ensuring that the whole response flows together. We can advise on what questions to ask and the strategic use of clarifications to steer the evaluation towards your solution.

Whatever support you require, from an initial workshop through to a fully managed bid solution, we can support your needs.