Bid Reviews

Whilst bid reviews are part of our overall flexible bid support package, these are often undertaken as an individual element of the overall bid process. When writing tenders, it is often the case that authors find it difficult to review their work afresh to identify whether it answers the question, whether it is as clear as it could be and to identify opportunities to enhance it to score higher marks.

Naritas can work alongside existing bid teams, either through the content development process or at a late stage prior to submission, to review draft content. We have considerable experience in what evaluation teams will look for. If you have a bid strategy with documented win themes, we can evaluate your draft tender responses against this to identify how well the themes come through in the text. We can assess your text against the published evaluation criteria and sub-criteria to advise on whether you are achieving the highest marks possible, or to identify how the response could be changed to hit the top marks.

It is often useful to have an external review of responses to identify cases where internal staff have assumed a level of knowledge about your products and services which may be unknown to fresh eyes. In our experience, some large suppliers miss out on winning bids because they assume that the evaluator will simply accept that their solution is good because of their name, whereas in the public sector it is important to spell out clearly why your solution is the best. Likewise some suppliers are keen to explain the features of the services they can offer which, whilst they may be excellent, do not actually answer the question set and so are unlikely to score extra marks. When word counts are limited, it is key to ensure that every word contributes towards achieving top marks.

We are happy to work flexibly with you either to review content as it is developed, or on a periodic basis through the bidding phase, or by running a more traditional "red team" review around one week before submission to analyse the entire document with sufficient time to address and comments raised.